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Rosewood Farm

We offer private instruction at the rates of $25 per half hour and $35 per hour.  Students catch, groom, and tack up their lesson horses with instructors' supervision. 
We offer only private instruction because we understand that everyone has a unique way of learning new concepts and learns at different rates.  One-on-one lessons are beneficial for both the student and the teacher:  The instructor is able to closely observe the student, while the student is guaranteed the instructor's full attention. 
Students begin by working on the lunge line or in the round pen at the walk and trot.  As they progress, they move on to work at the canter and over jumps.  Students are encouraged to take an active part in the learning process and ask lots of questions. 
Safety of the rider is our first priority.  ASTM-certified helmets are required for all riders regardless of age, discipline, or level of experience. 


Rosewood Farm * 653 Hartman Road * Winston-Salem, NC
(336) 764-3538
Pat Clodfelter, Owner